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The Residence Sas de Pelf is in the municipality of Zoldo Alto, in a beautiful position surrounded by the magical Dolomites with their majestic peaks, thousand years’ old woods and large valleys. It is a very old town and in the past was a mining centre and its people all worked the metal. The old Parish Church of San Nicolò gives living witness to this past.
Zoldo Alto is now in the centre of the important Civetta skiing district with excellent structures for winter and summer tourism in these typical mountain surroundings.

Sas de pelf Sas de pelf

The Civetta Ski district offers skiers 80 km of slopes and 28 modern ski lifts, snow park and night time skiing on the Zolda slopes. Excellent cross country skiing and snow-racket routes in Selva and Val di Zolda. There is also a fascinating skiing itinerary that takes you along a route through the sites of the Great War. Finally the ice skating rink Palaghiaccio in Alleghe for fun filled evenings and dates with ice disco dancing, free skating and ice hockey games.

Sas de pelf Sas de pelf

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